Non-Executive Team

Janpieter Koning
Drs. Janpieter Koning Msc RA (CPA)


Janpieter is a financial and business expert active as an official registered accountant. He was a former partner of KPMG and co-founded the company Tacstone Ventures, which specialized in start- up companies with innovative technologies and business models.

Frank Mulder
Frank Mulders Msc


After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, Frank started his career at Stork/Fokker operating in design, qualification/validation, production and services of various aircrafts. The first 6 years he was technical director in mechatronics/sheet-metal following by 14 years in Aerospace Businesses (maintenance /aero structures), including 9 years as president of the Landing Gear Division. Currently he is the CEO of AAE-Grauel which operates in process automation- and high-precision-assemblies.