Peter Jorna400

Prof. Peter Jorna


Peter is PAL-V’s expert in Human Machine Systems design and evaluation. He teaches part-time at Cranfield University in the UK and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. He worked for 18 years at the National Aerospace Laboratory in Amsterdam and served as head of the Flight Division, managing Helicopters, Operational Research, Human Factors, Flight Mechanics, and Flight Simulation departments. Since 2008 he has been active as an independent expert for the European Union and the aviation industry, including flight deck certification for COMAC in China. Peter is the President-elect of the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP).

Andre Kuiper400

Ir. Andre E Kuiper


Andre is very experienced in international business and manufacturing. He built a carreer with Royal Packaging Industries Van Leer and held positions in Brasil and India among others.

Janpieter Koning400

Drs. Janpieter Koning Msc


Janpieter is a financial and business expert active as an official registered accountant. He was a former partner of KPMG and co-founded the company Tacstone Ventures, which specialized in start- up companies with innovative technologies and business models.

Frank Mulders400

Frank Mulders Msc


After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at Technical University Eindhoven, Frank started his career at Stork / Fokker. The first 6 years in the mechatronics/sheet metal as a technical director and for 14 years in Aerospace Businesses related to maintenance/services/aero structures, of which the last 9 years as president of the Landing Gear Division. This company covered the design, qualification/validation, production and services of various aircrafts.

Currently he is the CEO of AAE-Grauel, a company in the Process Automation- and high-precision-assemblies-business.

Placeholder 400 850 White

Ir Rutger Deurvorst


After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at Technical University Delft, Rutger started as Business Development Manager at N.V. Indivers Far East (Singapore 1980-1987). After earning his MBA at Insead France in 1988 Rutger managed two aerospace businesses of his personal Holding Axxiflex B.V. Subsidiaries were sold in 2000 and 2004. From 2001 to 2003 Rutger was Investment Manager at ICT incubator Twinning heading a portfolio of 25 investments. Since 2005 Rutger is specializing in the development of industrial cooperation between high tech businesses in the Netherlands and global companies in the Geo Security Sector.