At PAL-V an internship is available for a student in software design. The PAL-V which is being developed consists of many modules running software on an embedded ARM processor. This software is designed in the C programming language. These modules are responsible for monitoring sensors, controlling actuators and driving displays. They are connected via a CAN bus. The CAN bus parameters can be read out using a monitoring application.

In order to guarantee the quality of the software and implement continuous regression the following tasks are defined for this internship:

  • Select and implement a code analysis tool based on quality and cost efficiency supporting MISRA C: 2012 (e.g. PC-Lint)
  • Select and implement a code coverage tool based on quality and cost efficiency (e.g. Bullseye)
  • Setup and implement unit tests using the C-Unit framework in visual studio C++/C
  • Running the code analysis, code coverage and unit tests on a build server (Jenkins)

Depending on the length of the internship a subset of these tasks can be assigned.


  • You are looking for an internship in 2021
  • You are studying software engineering, software development or similar.
  • You have good communication skills.
  • HBO/WO


What sets the standard:

  • An excellent internship allowance.
  • Travel allowance

To keep you healthy:

  • Flexible hours and a great work at home policy.
  • Fresh fruit in the office.

Because it helps:

  • Room for own initiative
  • Freedom.
  • Friendly and helpful colleagues.
  • Fun (digital) meetings and team activities.

Apply now!



1. Send your English CV and Motivation, blog, vlog etc. to our e-mailadress.

2. You receive a direct confirmation of your application. (be aware: this could be in your SPAM folder).

3. You will receive a personal response within 10 working days, which is either an invitation for an interview or a rejection if you do not (yet) meet the internship and / or organizational requirements.

4. Depending on the vacancy, we have a maximum of 2 rounds of interviews.

***Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated***