The Flying Car Experience in the UK

Welcome to the future, right here, right now!

A New Reality
From the beginning of powered flight through the modern-day convenience of automobiles, man has dreamed of combining these two genres. This dream is about to be replaced by a new reality.

From the Netherlands, the next and possibly most exciting generation of vehicles is beginning to emerge from its chrysalis: The most talented and experienced engineers have united to produce the world's first commercially available production certified Flying Car!

Open Road to Flight Simulator
We are extremely proud to offer the UK’s first Flying Car simulator experience! Centrally based in the heart of the UK in Coventry, the industrial heartland of the automotive industry. Feel the thrill of the open road as we transform from exciting sports car style driving to rotorcraft and soar high above the gridlocked roads, green valleys and onwards to your new reality, well, simulated for now but that’s not all...

So many Questions…
What exactly goes into designing the world’s first road-legal Flying machine? Why does it take so many engineers and processes? Is it really the same level of certification as other aircraft? What about the car part? How does it transform?
Who? What? Why? Where? And how can I buy one?

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London Journey 1
From London to Paris, The Isle of Man or Amsterdam with your Flying Car!
London Journey 2
Hundreds of small airstrips available to lift off your next journey!