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From dream to reality

PAL-V ownership

Discover the world of flying cars!

We are excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to step into the world of PAL-V and flying cars. During your visit, we will guide you through our story of creating the world's first flying car and discover the possibilities for you!

Location: London Oxford Airport
Duration: ~1,5 hour
Program: ↓

Welcome & Introduction

A presentation about our journey. How did the 100-year-old dream of combining a car and an aircraft become a reality?

PAL V Liberty flying car London 008

Your first (simulator) flight lesson

Get hands-on with the PAL-V Liberty!

PAL V Liberty flying car Timeline 010

Discover the possibilities for your PAL-V

The answers to all your burning questions about ownership of a PAL-V Liberty.

PAL V Liberty flying car London 007

Ready to own yours?