The PAL-V FlyDrive Academy

"A joy to drive, a joy to fly... a joy to learn."

For those who ever wanted to get a pilot license, though felt like it was too hard to get, there is some good news. Thanks to the PAL-V Liberty, piloting a flying vehicle is as easy and safe as it can get. For our customers, this means a lot of fun before we deliver them the PAL-V Liberty. The PAL-V FlyDrive Academy is unique in its kind, it is the only academy created to train students to pilot a flying car.

3 steps to get your required license

1.    Get familiar with the theory about piloting a gyroplane

2.    Reach for the sky with your first assisted flight practice

3.    Practicing with the PAL-V Liberty

Get familiar with the theory about piloting a PAL-V Liberty

Not only will we help you to become an excellent pilot, but also to understand the underlying principles regarding aerodynamics, weather, human performance, rules and regulations.

Reach for the sky with your first assisted flight practice

Flying the PAL-V is like flying a gyroplane – easy and safe. You will be surprised how easy it is to fly a gyroplane and how smooth it soars through the sky. If you consider that a gyroplane cannot stall and it practically floats in the air, your flying experience will be relaxed and highly addictive. After approximately 30 to 40 training hours you will be ready to get your pilot license. If you already have your flight license, please contact us to see what you need to get your gyroplane license.

Practicing with the PAL-V Liberty

The academy also introduces the PAL-V customers in driving the PAL-V Liberty. Since the PAL-V Liberty banks in curves, it is a little different from regular cars. A difference to enjoy and you will miss when driving your regular car. It takes about 30 minutes to get used to the tilting experience. Driving will suddenly feel like gliding, which is not only "thrilling" but also very comfortable. We can guarantee that you will use any opportunity to take a curve — just for the fun of it!

To drive the PAL-V Liberty just requires a regular driver license.

Why flying a gyroplane is such fun

The gyroplane is an uncomplicated, straightforward design which makes it stable, very safe and easy to pilot. One doesn't need a special talent to be able to master gyroplanes. Whereas helicopters are dynamically unstable, gyroplanes are very stable during flight.

Thanks to very low take-off and landing speeds, handling the riskiest phases of flight is easier and much safer compared to a conventional airplane.

The absence of upper and lower wings offer a panoramic view with unparalleled observation possibilities.

As the renowned gyroplane guru, Phil Harwood* shows in his video, in the case of a gyroplane “Engine failures can be met with a yawn.” Convince yourself and watch the video ( Even with an inoperative engine, the gyroplane is still easy to manage, easy to land and the required landing space is still very small.

By the way, Phil Harwood's well-structured flight syllabus will be the base of the PAL-V FlyDrive Academy instructions. Phil has decades of experience with almost all types of gyroplanes. Based on this experience he designed a very effective way to train gyroplane pilots. PAL-V is, therefore, happy to collaborate with Phil worldwide.

Flight Schools

The PAL-V FlyDrive Academy will set the standard for flying car schools worldwide.

Flight schools that aspire to become part of the PAL-V FlyDrive Academy network are welcome to contact us. Striving to deliver the highest standard of training is thereby a must. Once we identify potential, we will start an audit and an admission program. It will cover many aspects, from evaluating the quality of resources, facilities and training procedures all the way up to the treatment of student pilots. Our customers have high expectations, and our goal is to meet and exceed those. Following a positive report, the candidate school will be welcomed as a certified PAL-V FlyDrive Academy partner school.