While stuck in congestion, you realize that you can only go down the beaten path ahead. What if you were free of the ties of traffic and can just soar over others?

For decades we have maximized the 2D mobility market up to the point where we do not have enough roads anymore, constantly stuck on city ring-roads and small historic city centers. Then there is just one way to go, up!

PAL-V will start this new market in 3D mobility. After obtaining the necessary road approval, the PAL-V Liberty is now in the compliance demonstration mode of aviation certification. Your flying car is closer than ever.

In the future we will use the airspace much more than we have ever done before. From personal air mobility to public transport, the flying car market is on the verge of take-off.

This market can be split into two segments, the FlyDrive and Urban Air segment.

Flying Car Pal V Liberty Stap In Mobile

In the future we will use the airspace much more than we have ever done before to go from A to B.

The FlyDrive Mobility

This segment offers ultimate freedom to go from any door to any door via air mobility. Get quicker from town to city or go exploring the rural areas without the need for highways. With FlyDriving you use existing infrastructure and regulations, on the road it operates as a regular car, and in the air, it flies as a standard aircraft.

By FlyDriving you can optimize journeys and reduce commuting. Imagine going from Munich to Venice? With a car this journey will take at least 6 hours, not including traffic jams. While FlyDriving you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Alps and Italian coast while landing on one of the coolest airstrips in the world, Aeroporto Giovanni Nicelli. All this excitement in just a 2.5-hour journey.


The other major segment is the Urban Air Mobility, Flying from platform-to-platform or roof-to-roof within cities. These vehicles will not be seen on the roads and will simply fly on all connected routes. Going from JFK to Manhattan or Canary Wharf to Heathrow? The UAM market will facilitate the users just like an intercity train or bus, going directly from A to B, without congestion.

Flying within cities will emerge after the FlyDrive market has started, this is because it is focused on new regulations which need to be adapted, this will take time.

As a leader in the FlyDrive mobility segment we of course are developing mobility solutions in the other segments as well. We start with the FlyDriving segment because this will be the first to emerge and can already be implemented around the globe today. Together with the Dutch Aerospace Institute, the NLR, we are developing an eVTOL for the UAM segment.

Once the technologies mature and the regulations are in place, we will shift up in the market of Advanced Air Mobility.