Robert Dingemanse
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"What drives me is to create the first commercially viable flying car on the market"

Ir Robert Dingemanse MBA


After graduating from Delft University in electrical engineering and earning an MBA from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Robert started his career at Royal Philips Electronics. He successfully launched many new products in the market. Later he set up and changed the strategic direction of a number of businesses within Philips. Since 2003 he has started up a number of ventures outside of Philips. For PAL-V he is responsible for general management and strategy.

Pal V Markus Hess
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"Working on making a dream come true is extraordinary"

Dr. Markus G. Hess


Markus Hess graduated with an MBA from Clemson University, SC and received a Ph. D. from the University of St. Gallen in the field of strategic management in the airline industry. After various executive positions with Festool, Multiplex, Malik Consulting and RUAG he started two ventures in the consulting and consumer goods industries. For PAL-V he is responsible for business development and sales.

Bartjan Rietdijk
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"The combination of technology and people makes the PAL-V Liberty fly"

Bartjan Rietdijk MSc


Bartjan is an experienced engineering manager working in the aircraft industry since 1988. Involved in several international aircraft development programs from conceptual design to detail design of interior, electrical systems and airframe end items for business jets, large aircraft, military helicopters and fighters. After graduation at the TU Delft in aircraft structural design and optimization, he has held various positions in both functional (Head of Design, Configuration Management Architect) and project areas (Chief Engineer, Certification Manager). For PAL-V he is leading the daily technical development operations and responsible for Research & Development.

Mike Stekelenburg
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"Our persistence in addressing the challenges is extraordinary"

Mike Stekelenburg Bsc


Since his graduation in electronics, Mike has been working in high-tech innovation, acting as innovation manager or general manager. Mike created new breakthrough product lines in very different business environments for Royal Philips Electronics, Thomson and FEI Company (listed on Nasdaq). For PAL-V, he is responsible for overall system design and integration.