Making air mobility accessible for everyday use is what drives PAL-V. In the future we will be commuting through the skies by PAL-V's innovative air mobility solutions. The Advanced Air Mobility market consists of two segments, the FlyDrive Segment and the Urban Air Mobility segment.

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The PAL-V Liberty combines both road and air usage in one vehicle. A combination that offers new ways of commuting. With the Liberty you will not be waiting in traffic anymore or wasting time at airports. The Liberty makes aviation once again suitable for everyday use.

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A journey with the Liberty will start in your own garage. You simply drive to the nearest take-off strip and fly to your destination. Landing only requires a very short strip due to the gyroplane technology of the Liberty. Finally you drive your Liberty to where you need to be.

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Connecting remote areas, cities and islands. Fly over natural obstacles, congestion, and lacking infrastructure. Get FlyDriving to wherever you want to go!

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Urban Air Mobility

Next to the FlyDrive segment, the Urban Air Mobility segment will emerge this decade. The changing world of mobility enables unprecedented possibilities for new air mobility solutions. In the future you can get into the air within cities and fly directly to your preferred hub.

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Mobility as a service

Just use your app to book your next flight as you now use your app to book your next Uber. The PAL-V eVTOLs will be offered on demand whenever you need them.

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Sustainable Air Mobility

Electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicles or eVTOLs will allow for aviation to become sustainable. The PAL-V eVTOL will use electric propulsion and a specially designed low noise rotors and propellers to offer comfortable commutes for passengers and living comfort for citizens.

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Platform to Platform

The coming decade more people will be living in cities than ever before. This urbanization requires new technology to allow you to commute through the city. the eVTOL of PAL-V will allow platform to platform air mobility. Taking you to your preferred destination by autonomous air vehicles.