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Pal V Flying Car Addictive Flying Comfort

What we stand for

To offer people the most flexible form of mobility and the highest sense of freedom imaginable, while enjoying the ride. To achieve this, we dedicate ourselves to eliminating the key limitations of a car, small (gyro) plane or helicopter, safely. As a result, we provide our customers with an immediate availability to FlyDrive to their destination.

What we want to achieve in the future

Having contributed to making FlyDriving commercially viable and sustainable.

Having made flying for mobility use more functional for a larger aspirational group of pilots.

Having increased the freedom of people to organize their lives and where they want to live, work and play.

Be embraced as an icon of innovation.

What we believe in

We believe that in order for our customers to be and feel safe while FlyDriving, flying and driving safety should be developed to the point of exceeding regulations and standards. We go above and beyond by reducing the risk of human errors and increasing the options in case of emergency.

As we want our customers to be excited about our flying cars, the joy factor will always be part of our designs, on top of our highest safety standards.

In order to minimize the risk of accidents and preserve the integrity of PAL-V as a safe flying vehicle, we do our best to ensure that our flying cars are only used by well-trained and responsible pilots.

We want to add credibility and reliability to our sense of meticulous engineering and therefore we design the PAL-V flying cars harmoniously. We are proud when our customers recognize this and express their admiration to others.

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