Carflying can be your next adventure

Your flying car to go wherever, whenever. The sky is the limit.

Pal V Flying Car Ultimate Freedom

Ultimate Freedom

Crossing natural obstacles, connecting remote places, FlyDrive to wherever, whenever in one vehicle. There is no need to leave your aircraft behind or be stuck at an airport due to the weather. No more hassles. Go above and beyond.

Pal V Flying Car Off Road Gets A New Meaning

Off-Road gets a new meaning

The PAL-V Liberty gives 'off-road' an entirely new meaning. It is perfect for those who like going to beautiful and remote places. Who needs roads when you can FlyDrive to your house in the country or to an island? Your favorite remote destination is no longer a challenge, but a joy to reach.

The ability to go to any place on earth, that is freedom
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Licensed to thrill

The PAL-V Liberty we deliver to your doorstep complies with the existing regulations for both flying and driving. In other words, it is ready to be instantly enjoyed. Airborne or gliding through the winding roads just minutes later. Pure excitement without delay.

Pal V Flying Car Image Quote Afbeelding

A Joy to Drive, A Joy To Fly

For a flying car to be a joy to drive and fly, it must be agile in both modes. It should be more than an airplane you can take home. With the PAL-V Liberty the fun starts when you experience the unique 'tilting sports car' feeling on twisting roads. Maneuvering in the air and swiftly getting around obstacles like a hummingbird will make you smile. Every journey with the PAL-V is a feast for your soul.

Pal V Flying Car The Perfect Blend Between Safety And Fun

The Perfect Blend Between Safety and Fun

The scenery and the landscape as viewed from the PAL-V Liberty are breathtaking. This is what awaits you when you fly one of the safest flying vehicles on the planet. We wanted to offer our customers unparalleled peace of mind by safely putting the fun back into flying. Flying the PAL-V Liberty will stimulate your senses like no other vehicle.

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