Connecting cities, connecting remote places, crossing natural barriers: combining flying and driving in one extraordinary vehicle offers the best of both worlds.

Pal V Flying Car Impress Without Saying A Word

Impress without saying a word

No other vehicle will express your sense of innovation like the PAL-V Liberty. Imagine picking up a guest with the PAL-V Liberty at the airport or station and FlyDriving to your office — simply unforgettable. You don’t have to shout ‘innovation.' Actions speak louder than words.

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An experience only a carflyer can have

For decades people have dreamed about a flying car. Now you can become the very first to actually own one. FlyDriving is the ultimate freedom in mobility.

The ability to go to any place on earth, that is freedom
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Be part of history

After the great inventions by Nicolas Cugnot and the Wright brothers, people have been dreaming of combining a car and an aircraft. This turned out to be a highly complex puzzle, a puzzle that has been pursued for the last 100 years and is now solved. You can become part of it.

Flying Car PAL-V

Be ready for a new part in mobility

Get your pilot license close to the HQ of PAL-V or at one of the exotic bootcamp locations. Start your training and get to know all the ins and outs of the PAL-V Liberty. Visit the company and meet the team and the engineers who designed it.

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