Take Your Aircraft Anywhere

Start using your aircraft efficiently, drive up to meetings with your aircraft and fly away from them. Functional fun is what the PAL-V liberty offers you.

Pal V Beat The Weather

Beat the weather

Stranded at the airstrip due to bad weather? Not with the PAL-V Liberty. Outsmart the weather and drive to where visibility is fine and take off again. The PAL-V Liberty is the only aviation vehicle that seamlessly allows you to continue your journey. You'll be on time for your meeting or safely home without delay.

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Be Flexible

The PAL-V Liberty is without doubt the most exceptional vehicle on the market. It offers the best of both worlds – FlyDriving. Switch between drive and fly mode for the best option to reach your destination or to enjoy the journey. No need to leave your PAL-V Liberty parked at an airstrip. No need to return to pick it up again.

Pal V Flying Car Park Your Aircraft Anywhere

Park your aircraft anywhere

Nothing could be better than having a flying car you can park like a regular car. So we created the most compact flying car possible. Go to a meeting in the city and park anywhere including an indoor parking garage. No limits to where you want to go.

Pal V Flying Car Comfortable And Easy To Fly

Comfortable and easy to fly

80% less affected by turbulence and self-stabilizing in gusts: You’ll be eager to fly more than ever before. When other planes are grounded, you are still in the air.

Pal V Flying Car Already A Pilot

Already a Pilot?

If you already have a pilot’s license. You only have to do a practical type-rating exam. 10-15 hours of training should be sufficient depending on the experience you have gathered.

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