The PAL-V Liberty on the road is just like any other car, you only need a driver's license to take it for a spin. Hop in, fasten your seatbelt and hit the road. Once you’ve arrived at the airport and converted the vehicle into flight mode, you will need a pilot license, a PAL-V pilot license!

Your adventure starts at the PAL-V FlyDrive Academy to obtain your Private Pilot License for a Gyroplane, a PPL (G). All PAL-V owners get the opportunity to take part in the training to obtain their PPL(G) at one of the PAL-V FlyDrive Academies around the globe, whether it is at your local airfield, or a place with guaranteed sunshine. The PAL-V FlyDrive academy offers 6 training modules of five days each, in which you will be taken through the whole process of flying a gyroplane.

Starting with the theoretical basics of flying and simulator training, to solo flights and weather forecasting. You will learn all the skills needed to become a PAL-V CarFlyer. Together with other Liberty owners you will make memories that last a lifetime. Once you have obtained your flying license, you are ready to go above and beyond. Discovering new routes on land and through the air, visiting new scenery, and even going on FlyDrive vacations. Imagine spotting the Big 5 from the air, hopping to the next tropical island, or fly to that one mountain cottage you enjoy so much.

Magni M24 Experience

Flying a gyroplane is not only a lot of fun but also one of the safest and easiest ways of flying, so don’t worry and enjoy the experience.​


The PAL-V Liberty needs, like any other vehicle, maintenance. As it is an aircraft, preventive maintenance is done. To give you the ultimate peace of mind, this maintenance is done by specialized aviation mechanics who know how to work with such a unique vehicle.

A main advantage of the Liberty is that it's designed with proven technologies, already known in the aviation workshops. The design of the Liberty is created with maintenance and service in mind, so the parts are easily accessible and can be maintained efficiently.

The engine from Rotax is a trusted part of the vehicle and is one of the most used engines in the general aviation world. Therefore, workshops around the world are familiar with the maintenance needed on these parts. Of course, PAL-V will make sure that not only the purchase in your country is organized, but also the flight schools and maintenance are arranged before your delivery takes place. This will make your ownership comfortable, hassle-free and let you enjoy your Liberty even more!