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Professional Applications

Professional user cases

Having a vehicle that can both fly and drive allows professionals with a versatile tool that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of their daily operations. Whether it is for crossing natural obstacles, traffic, or just wanting to have eyes in the sky and at the same time the possibility for boots on the ground.

Safety first

The PAL-V Liberty is equipped with two engines to increase the safety of flying. In the highly unlikely event of an engine failure of both engines, the PAL-V Liberty will float down like a parachute and can land on a spot the size of a tennis court.

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Low operational cost

The gyroplane principle of the PAL-V Liberty uses a minimum amount of parts, which results in uncomplicated maintenance and low operational cost.

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Uncomplicated pilot training

To become a PAL-V pilot, the training requires a minimum amount of hours, resulting in low educational costs for PAL-V operators.

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