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Airborne in innovation

Making air mobility part of everyday life

We are witnessing a rise in both the world's population and GDP, leading to a surge in mobility requirements. Unfortunately, our current road infrastructure is limited, deficient, or damaged, resulting in extensive commuting hours and wasted time. On top of that, the most efficient route to your destination is often blocked by natural obstacles.

By investing in innovative and sustainable air mobility products, we instantly generate millions of kilometers of infrastructure with just the need for small take-off and landing areas. This approach not only reduces land usage but also rapidly enhances mobility capacity, addressing the growing demands of mobility. Embracing the airborne path is our focus and commitment.

Advanced Air Mobility: One Market, Two segments

Within the realm of Advanced Air Mobility, there exist two distinct segments. The first is the FlyDrive segment, catering to professionals and individuals seeking a seamless door-to-door air mobility experience with flying cars. The second is the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) segment, tailored for passengers who require a platform-to-platform air service. The UAM market makes use of so-called electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

Driven by innovation

Leader in FlyDrive Segment of AAM

PAL-V is shaping the AAM industry with its early start and go-to-market strategy. The PAL-V Liberty has secured road admission and holds the distinction of being the first company worldwide to fix its aviation certification basis, marking a significant milestone.

Existing Technologies, regulations, and infrastructure

Right from the start, our approach revolved around crafting the PAL-V within current regulations, leveraging numerous established technologies to mitigate certification risks and expedite time-to-market. Furthermore, this strategy enables the PAL-V Liberty to seamlessly utilize conventional infrastructure, akin to standard automobiles and aircraft.

Driven by a world-class team from aerospace and engineering firms

Led by CEO & Founder Robert Dingemanse, a former Philips executive and seasoned entrepreneur, PAL-V boasts a skilled and diverse management team. Comprising professionals from prominent aviation entities like Airbus, Boeing, and Fokker GKN, as well as directors from tech giants like Apple, the team brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

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The 6 elements to understand the AAM industry

Download our whitepaper about the differentiation and challenges between FlyDrive and UAM.

Executive team

Together, changing the future

It's our goal to offer people the most flexible form of mobility and the highest sense of freedom imaginable while enjoying the ride. To achieve this, we dedicated ourselves to safely eliminating the key limitations of a car, small (gyro) plane and helicopter. As a result, we provide our customers with an immediate means to FlyDrive to their destination. By achieving this goal, we don't only provide our customers with a flying car to explore the world from a different perspective, but we are writing history, turning a 100-year-old dream into reality.


Start of the flying car era

The FlyDrive segment will kick off the AAM industry. Allowing people to FlyDrive from any door to any door in the world by making use of flying cars.

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Start of Urban Air Mobility Cargo operations

The UAM market will start with cargo operations. Electrical Vertical Take Off and Landing vehicles (eVTOLS) will be flying goods from cargo hubs to the city outskirts and strategic locations to be transported further into the city.

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First passengers take to the sky in an eVTOL

Buy your ticket for a ride in the skies, shortening your commute time while enjoying a birds-eye view of the city when stepping in one of the eVTOLs waiting for you to fly you from one station to the other.

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Autonomous flight operations

Let yourself be flown by an eVTOL from platform to platform without the need of a pilot, fully autonomous.

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Joris Wolters

Director Marketing & Investor Relations

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