A Journey You Will Never Forget

The PAL-V FlyDrive academy will turn you into a confident aviatior. We invite you to show you that your secret life-long dream to become a pilot can become a reality. We take your driver’s license to the next level, from street level to flight level and make you part of the PAL-V CarFlyers Club.

Pal V Flying Car Flight Academy Learn From The Best

Learn From The Best

Your future as a pilot is in good hands, we are partnering with the best and most experienced schools in the world to teach you the great art of flying. Our people have flown it all: helicopters, fixed wing, experimental, gliders and of course gyroplanes. Only certified schools and instructors are chosen in our search of excellence. Your personal instructor is your coach, trainer and eventually your flight partner that takes you on adventures.

Pal V Flying Car Flight Academy Choose From Various Locations

You Pick When and Where

Flight training is very structured, but flexible when it comes to your personal abilities. The education will be modelled to your talents, if necessary we will be taking more time for sessions you find difficult and we will speed through lessons you find easier to follow.

The PAL-V FlyDrive Academy

Choose From Various Locations

The PAL-V HQ, Caribbean, Spain or Florida the choice is up to you!

Three Simple Steps to Get Your License

Pal V Flying Car Flight Academy Ground School 2

Theory is mandatory, but since you will train for a sports license, it is not complicated and it won’t take much time. We use special theory boot camps, like the Linda Wheeler Ground School in the outskirts of London at the charming village of Gerrard’s Cross next to Denham Airport, where the privileged have their private plane or helicopter.

Pal V Flying Car Flight Traing 2

Flying the PAL-V is like flying a gyroplane – easy and safe. You will be surprised how easy it is to fly a gyroplane and how smooth it soars through the sky. If you consider that a gyroplane cannot stall and it practically floats in the air, your flying experience will be relaxed and highly addictive. After approximately 30 to 40 training hours you will be ready to get your pilot license. If you already have your flight license, please contact us to see what you need to get your gyroplane license.

We use the ingenious syllabus (Gyropedia) of the guru of gyroplanes, Phil Harwood, who has conquered the world with his company, the Gyrocopter Experience, his brilliant approach to flight instruction. We implement this flight training system at all our flight schools worldwide, guaranteeing the highest standard in flight instruction.

Pal V Flying Car Flight Academy Type Rating 2

When your PAL-V is delivered we will continue your training on the PAL-V. The Syllabus is as long as you need or want it to be. The only thing that rests after you passed your flight training and your ground school is the training on the PAL-V. A training to really help you to take yourself and others with you on adventures. This training will help you get familiar with the PAL-V Liberty, the flying car it’s all about.

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