A Journey You Will Never Forget

The PAL-V FlyDrive Academy will make you a confident aviator. Our instructors are there to make your experience unforgettable and a lot of fun. We will help you become a safe pilot who is able to fly the PAL-V all over the world to any place you want to go, making the PAL-V your tool for every adventure. You will take your driver’s license to the next level, from street level to flight level and become part of the PAL-V Pilot club.

Pal V Flying Car Flight Academy Learn From The Best

Learn From The Best

Your future as a pilot is in good hands. PAL-V is selecting the best instructors to give you the highest level of training possible. Our group of instructors has vast flight experience in gyroplanes, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, glider aircraft, commercial and military aircraft. Our instructors are there to make your training as smooth as possible.

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Structured Training

Each module has been designed as a 5-day intensive event, which combines hands-on flying with relevant theory and simulator exercises. The course will prepare you to obtain a Gyroplane Private Pilot License (PPL(G)) and has been designed to be challenging and enjoyable to create an unforgettable experience.

The PAL-V FlyDrive Academy

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Flight Training, Your Next Adventure!

Flying the PAL-V is like flying a gyroplane – easy and safe. You will be surprised how easy it is to fly a gyroplane and how smooth it soars through the sky. If you consider that a gyroplane cannot stall and it practically floats in the air, your flying experience will be relaxed and highly addictive.

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The PAL-V Pilot Training Program

All pilots are required to pass several theoretical exams on safety-related subjects including the weather, navigation, air law and the human aspects of flying. We help you learn these topics, partly by self-study and partly by scenario-driven workshops that make the topics meaningful and interesting to learn.

FlyDrive Experience

The Simple Steps to Get Your License

The PAL-V training exists out of 6 modules which will prepare you in the best way possible to become a confident aviator. The outline of the course is the following;

We will get you flying ‘hands-on’ from day 1. You will learn the basics of flying and how the aircraft behaves in the air.

You will be given the controls to do take-offs and landings.

We will teach you about airfield protocols. You will practice take-offs and landings until you perfect them.

We will help you understand some of the special features of a gyroplane with more advanced manoeuvres. You will start your first solo flight!

Module 5 is all about using your aircraft for personal mobility. You will learn how to use navigation aids and communicate on the radio.

In this last module we will prepare you for your skills test. You will practice until you feel confident and ready to obtain your pilot license.

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