Flying Car Manufacturer PAL-V Closing the Deal with Tyrolean Jet Services

During the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE 2022) in Geneva, PAL-V closed the deal with Tyrolean Jet Services company in Austria for the purchase of the PAL-V Liberty to be used in their fleet for regional air mobility and so-called “last-mile” service for their customers.

The PAL-V Liberty offers door-to-door air mobility by combining flying and driving into one vehicle. Instead of going from airport to airport and needing a different vehicle for the last miles, the PAL-V Liberty offers the opportunity to pick up people from their houses and get them to their final destination without changing vehicles.

Robert Dingemanse, CEO and Founder of PAL-V, said: “The upcoming Advanced Air Mobility market is a hot topic at EBACE. With multiple brands showing the latest innovations for the emerging market, we represent the FlyDrive segment of this new market. Instead of going from platform to platform or airport to airport, we offer the opportunity to go from door to door with your aircraft. This FlyDrive segment will mark the start of the Advanced Air Mobility market.”

The PAL-V Liberty is not only for private individuals but will be used by professionals as well for taxi services, observation, and inspection flights. With a flight range of 400-500 km and a max airspeed of 180 km/h, the PAL-V Liberty can fly from Paris to London and drive into the city.

Currently, the PAL-V Liberty obtained road admission and can be seen driving on the streets in Europe. The vehicle is currently running an extensive compliance demonstration test program to close the final stage of EASA certification.