Non-Executive Team

Janpieter Koning
Drs. Janpieter Koning Msc RA (CPA)


Janpieter is a financial and business expert active as an official registered accountant. He was a former partner of KPMG and co-founded the company Tacstone Ventures, which specialized in start- up companies with innovative technologies and business models.

Frank Mulder
Frank Mulders Msc


After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, Frank started his career at Stork/Fokker operating in design, qualification/validation, production and services of various aircrafts. The first 6 years he was technical director in mechatronics/sheet-metal following by 14 years in Aerospace Businesses (maintenance /aero structures), including 9 years as president of the Landing Gear Division. Currently he is the CEO of AAE-Grauel which operates in process automation- and high-precision-assemblies.

Adriaan Leyte 2
Adriaan Leyte


For the last 30 years, Adriaan has been working at Fokker Technologies now GKN Aerospace, and held various senior positions. In his role of Vice President Business Development he has been involved establishment of Fokker Elmo Business units in China and has lead the establishments of the facilities in Turkey, Canada, USA and India. Currently Adriaan’s role in GKN Aerospace has migrated to Vice President of Strategic Business Continuity. Besides PAL-V, he is also a Board member of NAG which is the NL trade association for advancing aerospace and airport business. Also Adriaan is a Board member of LRN, which is the Foundation which represents the aerospace industry and knowledge institutes to the government for aerospace policy and innovation development.

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