The PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition

"As soon as Nicolas Cugnot invented the automobile and the Wright brothers made their first successful flight, people started dreaming of combining the two into a flying car. It turned out to be more complicated than initially estimated – a complex puzzle. Nevertheless, once solved it would create ultimate freedom in mobility.

The Pioneer Edition is for those that want to be part of the group of 90 that writes history with us. They will be at the forefront of a mobility revolution, where we will no longer have cars that can only drive. They will be the first carflyers in their country, flydriving to any destination”

Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V

The Pioneer Edition will be launched on the 5th of March at the Geneva International Motor Show!

The 90 pieces limited edition is based on the PAL-V Liberty which was unveiled last year at the GIMS. This year we show the special elements of this limited edition of which delivery starts in 2020.

Follow the PAL-V journey to Geneva

For Press:

You can request an interview slot on the press days of GIMS 2019. We will contact you directly to find the perfect interview moment. You can also register for a unique Keynote session on Flydrive or Future of Mobility at the PAL-V booth.