PAL V Liberty flying car Munchen 001

PAL-V Munich

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PAL-V's journey from visionary concept to tangible reality has been nothing short of extraordinary. For years, the world has dreamed of flying cars, often showcased in sci-fi films and futuristic illustrations. Now, with Germany's first flying car showroom, PAL-V is turning this dream into reality.

Motorworld München , Germany

The world of automobiles

Motorworld München provides a remarkable space where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of automobiles. From vintage and modern classics to rare and exotic vehicles, the showroom offers an impressive collection that showcases the beauty and craftsmanship of automotive history. The facility also hosts events, exhibitions, and trade shows, making it a hub for car enthusiasts, industry professionals, and collectors to come together and celebrate their shared passion.

PAL V Liberty flying car Munchen 002
PAL V Liberty flying car Richard Crombach 001

Richard Crombach

Regional sales manager DE

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