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Our drive

All about PAL-V's search for liberty

Together, changing history

Our drive is to offer people the most flexible form of mobility and the highest sense of freedom imaginable while enjoying the ride. We dedicated ourselves to safely eliminating the key limitations of a car, small (gyro) plane and helicopter simultaneously. By achieving this goal, we aren't only providing our customers with a means to explore the world from a different view, but we are rewriting history, turning a 100-year-old dream into reality.

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The drive to fly

Our Mission is to make air mobility available for everyday use by creating sustainable and innovative air mobility products.


In 2008 the company PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) was founded and the dream of a flying car started to materialize.

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PAL-V made its first flight with the PAL-V ONE in 2012. During this year PAL-V successfully completed its test flight program. 

After successfully proving the concept of the PAL-V flying car, PAL-V started the design of its first commercial flying car model, based on the proven technologies and the steadily acquired certification know-how.

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The PAL-V Liberty made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show as the world's first commercially available flying car.

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Since February 2020, PAL-V has been testing the Liberty on test tracks, and in August, it successfully passed the road admission tests. The PAL-V Liberty is now approved for road usage and is officially the world's first commercial flying car that can be spotted on the European roads.

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PAL-V will hand over the first keys of the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition to its first customers.

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Our values

It doesn't get more innovative than a flying car

We want to innovate, to evolve, to improve ourselves as well as the world around us. We want to forge a trail that is worth following, on the ground and in the sky.

Inventiveness, resilience, entrepreneurship and hard work

At PAL-V, we turned a 100-year-old dream into reality. This reality was created by an incredible amount of inventiveness, resilience, entrepreneurship and hard work, along with the desire for perfection; in technology, in certification, in experience.

Airborne in Innovation

It doesn't stop at the Liberty. Our roadmap of future products foresees many variations of FlyDrive and Urban Air Mobility products. Anything that relates to air mobility or providing people with the freedom to go anywhere, anytime, is what we want to be involved in.

Executive team

Sales team

International Business Development

We couldn't have done it without our partners

At PAL-V, we believe that the future of transportation lies in innovation and collaboration. That's why we've partnered with some of the most renowned companies and organizations in the industry to revolutionize advanced air mobility.