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The PAL-V Liberty

World's first flying car

The drive to fly

Making people fly. Or even better: providing them with a car that can fly. Allowing them to drive over the highway, or through the countryside, and switch over to flying through the air whenever they feel like. It is the stuff that dreams are made of.

We are a specialist in R&D; it’s in our DNA. We always look beyond, for the new. We want to innovate, to evolve, to improve; ourselves as well as the world around us. We want to create a trail that is worth following, on the earth, and in the sky. 

We call it the drive to fly.

Ready to fly?

Of course you're ready! Taking your driver's license to the next level is an experience you won't forget, full of joy, adventure and elation. Our certified flight instructors are here to provide you with the tools and knowledge to make you a safe and confident aviator.

PAL-V FlyDrive Academy

Become a Pioneer

To celebrate the start of the flying car era we have designed a limited edition vehicle. Become part of a unique group of 90 people that can call themselves the Pioneers.

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World's first flying car

How we made it a reality Read our story

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