5 differences between your car and a flying car!

Imagine, looking out of the front window of your house, and there, on your parking spot, instead of a regular car, there is a flying car parked, your Flying Car, ready for your next journey. How will this change your life?

1. Firstly, the obvious, it can fly!

Taking your car for a flight means, no more mind numbing congestion, that’s a real positive change. Starting your morning with a cup of coffee, catch up on the news, perhaps getting some early work done and then getting ready to head off to your first appointment. Unfortunately, this is a few hundred miles away, what about the traffic? With your car you would have to be sure to depart ahead of time, monitoring real-time traffic updates etc. watching the clock, eager to be on schedule.

With your very own flying car life just became a whole lot easier, more relaxing, less stressful. A short drive to an airstrip near you and you’re ready to take to the skies. Flying straight ‘as the crow’ saves valuable time, making every journey a new adventure! Then simply land your flying car at an airstrip near your destination, converting back to car mode and driving to your ultimate destination in style, parking your vehicle right where you want to be, and on time!

Pal V Liberty Breda Airport 2021 2

2. Clutch and throttle pedals have a double function.

On the road the Liberty is a 100% car with a lot of similarities to your daily driver, the rules are the same. However, when you’re converting from drive to flight-mode things change, you’re now a 100% aircraft. Your throttle has moved from your right foot to your left hand and your feet are now in control of the rudder, but that’s not all…

3. A flight stick in the seat.

Turning your car in a different direction with a steering wheel, that’s been the case since way back in the late 1800’s, an essential element in a car we must say! For flying however, a different method is used, rather than a wheel to change direction, a flight stick that is neatly stowed when driving, into the seat, pops up when converted into flight mode with which you’re able to alter the position of the rotor in-flight and enable the Liberty to change direction, alter pitch and altitude. It’s a totally natural and intuitive experience and easily mastered.

4. Two engines.

Unlike your car, the Liberty is twin-engined. First of all, this ensures maximum safety and secondly, provides extra performance whilst in the air. While driving, only one engine is engaged to provide you with a sporty 100hp via your right foot and a top speed of in excess of 100mph (160 km/h). Once converted, your flying car utilises both engines, providing you with 200hp and a capability to reach speeds of 112mph (180+ km/h). With a flying range of approximate 2.5-3 hours or up to 300 miles (500 km) the question is; where would you like to fly to?

Pal V Interior Pov Edit

5. More buttons than James Bond had in his Aston Martin.

Dashboard designs of modern day cars are focussed on big (touch)screens covering the majority of the dash. At PAL-V we do it differently, always accessible, the buttons and switches effectively simplifies the most difficult of tasks, of course, this array of switches may make you may feel like James Bond, (really 007? Do concentrate!) At PAL-V, we constantly aim for excellence and above all, safety, therefore we only use state of the art proven and certified technology from leading manufacturers within the aviation world. The cockpit might look complicated at first glance, but an aviation cockpit is designed for the pilot to quickly identify and locate various controls. Using different control shapes, sizes, locations, colours, and labels minimises any potential for confusion and helps ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Once you get to know the controls of the PAL-V Liberty it will be a joy to fly, and a joy to drive!


The PAL-V Augmented Reality app gives you the experience of owning a real PAL-V Liberty. Park it on your driveway, in your garage, at the grocery store or prepare for your Fly-Drive adventure in Flight-mode!

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