5 things you need to know before buying a flying car!

I’m sure that at some point in your life you have dreamed of owning a flying car? Free from the traffic and the stress that comes with it. PAL-V is turning that dream into a reality with the Liberty, the world’s first commercially available flying car.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know before buying a flying car:

1. Driving a flying car.

Lightweight, engines behind you, low to the ground… Super ingredients for a sportscar, a purebred driving machine. The PAL-V Liberty has all these ingredients and more… the Liberty can fly.

That doesn’t mean the ‘car’ part gets any less attention than the ‘flying’ part. A real flying car excels in both! Weighing only 664 kg and having a 100hp engine behind you enables the Liberty to drive like a sports car on the road. When you eventually do get bored of driving, or you’re about to hit traffic congestion, just take the nearest exit to an airstrip near your location and…

Flying Car Pal V Liberty Teaser 4

2. Flying a flying car.

Take your Liberty to the skies! Any small airstrip will suffice for your Liberty to take off. About 180 meters of runway (tarmac or grass) is required to get airborne. Make sure to wave at all the traffic on the ground and enjoy the beautiful birds-eye-view and scenery while up in the air.

Because the PAL-V Liberty is based on a gyroplane it is 80% less affected by turbulence and self-stabilizing in gusts of wind, making every journey an enjoyable one, for you, and your passenger. Should the weather suddenly change for the worst, do not worry, unlike most regular aircraft, you won’t be left stranded at the airfield until the weather clears! You can quickly re-route to a nearby landing strip, convert back to drive-mode and continue your journey on the road, easy!

3. Parking a flying car.

But where would you leave your flying car? There are special parking spots for electric vehicles, but you probably haven’t seen any for flying cars, or have you? The PAL-V Liberty flying car can be parked literally anywhere. With a width of 2m, length of 4m and height of 1.7m, any parking spot is big enough to fit your Liberty in between the lines. Whether you would like to park at the golf club, Sloane Square, even the local supermarket or at home in your garage, the PAL-V Liberty fits.

4. FlyDrive possibilities.

However, you don’t own a Liberty to leave it parked, no! You’ll want to experience the unlimited possibilities of FlyDriving! From breakfast in Amsterdam, lunch in Paris to dinner in London, and all that in one day, FlyDriving makes it possible, and because it is so much fun, it makes you want to cover those miles, with ease and with joy. Commuting has never been more exciting.

Flying Car Pal V Liberty 25

5. What to do with all that spare time?

Remember that time when you sat stationary in traffic? Or had to drive for several hours, left, right, north, south, simply to get from A to B. Think of all the time you could have saved. Time is not just money, it's about quality of life and the Liberty can save you loads of time and improve the experiences en-route!

What will you do with all that extra time? You could broaden your knowledge about NFT’s? Begin a new hobby? Or our preference, spend more valuable time with the people you love!

The Flying Car, you know it makes sense.


The PAL-V Augmented Reality app gives you the experience of owning a real PAL-V Liberty. Park it on your driveway, in your garage, at the grocery store or prepare for your Fly-Drive adventure in Flight-mode!

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