Always wondered what it would feel like owning a flying car? Having a ton of burning questions? Or you just want to come and have a look at our Head Quarters?

We now offer a unique opportunity to step into the world of PAL-V and experience first hand what a flying car can do for you!

Pal V Production Hall

Factory tour

During a two-hour program, we guide you through our story of creating the world's first flying car. You get to see our prototypes, pre-production models, and our technology center in the Netherlands. During this program, you will have the opportunity to explore what the PAL-V Liberty can do for you.

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Pal V Fly Drive 9344

The Full PAL-V Experience

If you are ready for a hands-on experience that will get your adrenaline going then the PAL-V Experience is for you. We take you for a full day on a journey starting at our tech center where you will get to see the prototypes and the PAL-V Liberty. Once you start to get a feel of the possibilities a PAL-V Liberty provides, we take you on the next adventure and put you in our Liberty simulator at the FlyDrive Academy. Finally, you will take to the skies with one of our flight instructors in a gyroplane for your first flight lesson


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