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PAL-V FlyDrive Experience

Get ready for your first flight lesson

The PAL-V experience

If you are ready for a hands-on experience that will get your adrenaline going then the PAL-V FlyDrive Experience is for you. We take you for a full day of adventure, on the ground and in the air! Ready for your first flight lesson?


Experience the PAL-V HQ

Your step into the world of PAL-V starts here with a welcome and introduction. Learn how the 100-year-old dream of combining a car and an aircraft is becoming a reality.

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Experience the PAL-V FlyDrive Academy

Ready to get hands-on? After you've enjoyed lunch at the airport it's time to hop into the simulator for your first flying introduction in preparation for the real deal. It is time for your first flight lesson, an experience of a lifetime!

PAL V Liberty flying car flydrive academy 001

Round up

We will send you home with a new dream, owning a flying car!

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Experience it for yourself

Plan your first flight lesson

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