We have three simple options for you:

1) Place a non refundable deposit on one of only 90 PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition vehicles in the world. Become a true Pioneer, the first to own a flying car in your country. Become an honorary member of a very exclusive club.

2) Place a non-refundable deposit on a PAL-V Liberty Sport, the production version of the PAL-V Liberty. It will be available after the Pioneer edition.

3) Place an Escrow deposit on a PAL-V Liberty Sport. You will have a soft reservation: you have a number penciled in on the waiting list. In this situation your funds are refundable minus an administrative fee. By later converting from Escrow to a non-refundable deposit you will change the soft reservation into a hard reservation. This will fix the preliminary position you reserved in the waiting list.

We are developing the PAL-V Liberty in compliance with existing regulations in the US and Europe. Most countries in the world acknowledge these certifications or have similar certification. Over time, we plan to certify the PAL-V Liberty in every country in the world.

Only the Option to Purchase contracts are transferable within the country of registration.

We will make sure that with the introduction of the PAL-V Liberty in your country, insurance for your vehicle will be available. For this we have a cooperation with one of the largest insurance brokers in the world AON PLC, and an aviation insurance house NUYTTEN VERZEKERINGEN N.V.

After the first 25 hours of use you should perform a first inspection. Thereafter the inspection intervals go to 100 hours. A more extensive inspection is prescribed every 600 hours (est. 60.000km).

Yes you should have a license for driving and flying. Most people find that learning to fly a gyroplane is simpler than any other form of aircraft and great fun.

Yes, you can choose from a broad range of colors.

We will offer a number of customization options. We will ensure that these are certified with the aviation authorities. The Limited Pioneer Edition will offer additional personalization options unique to this edition.

The first step is to ensure yourself of a position on the waiting list. Nine months before we plan to deliver your vehicle we will ask you to enter into a purchase contract. First deliveries in Europe are anticipated in 2024.

This may be the case from time-to-time. For inquiries please fill out the contact form on our contact page.

The Liberty will be available in two versions. First we will start delivery of the full option Limited Pioneer Edition. Thereafter we will offer the Sport Edition. The Sport Edition is a lower priced version.

You will get your money back.

You get your money back only in the case of an Escrow option minus €500,- administrative and contracting costs.

Please contact us and we will help you find the best training options for your requirements and wishes. We have special cooperation with schools in scenic landscapes so that you can perform part of your training in attractive locations.

You can use normal car gas. Mogas, available at many airports, is also suitable.

For take-off the maximum roll is 180 meters/600ft. To be safe we therefore advise to use a runway of at least 280meters/900ft. For landing the airstrip can be significantly shorter, even so short as to permit nothing more than vertical landing in more windy conditions.

This depends on the laws of your country/county. A simple (grass) strip can be sufficient. A sophisticated airstrip is not required. For safety reasons it must be leveled and consideration given to clearing obstacles that are in the way as you take off or approach for landing.

Take-off weight is limited to 910 kg. If you carry more weight you will have to carry less fuel, which will reduce your flying range.

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