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The Company

For more than 100 years people have been dreaming about flying, but not many of us actually take to the skies. Why is this? Why do we dream of flying when we were kids but as soon as we became older and started working, we stopped dreaming? Why are we still not flying to work, but accept being stuck in congestion and waiting for another red light?

The PAL-V Company
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The Liberty

Who hasn’t dreamed of being free like a bird? Going places where no one has been, going wherever whenever, that’s Liberty. PAL-V has created the Liberty to fulfill this dream and mark the start of the flying car era. At PAL-V we make personal aviation products to be used every day.

The PAL-V Liberty
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Flying the Liberty

Flying through the skies for your commutes, it’s not only a lot of fun, but it also makes your schedule more efficient. But why does no one fly? Find out why the Liberty makes aviation practical for everyday use!

Flying the Liberty
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Why a Gyroplane

Back in 1923, the first idea of a gyroplane or autogiro was sparked by Juan de la Cierva. His main motivation to develop a gyroplane was to stop aircraft from falling from the sky.

The PAL-V Liberty is based on this original 100-year-old tried and tested concept and will be the first certified gyroplane under the very strict EASA regulations.

Why a Gyroplane