Flying through the skies for your commutes, it’s not only a lot of fun, but it also makes your schedule more efficient. So why don’t we fly?

Nowadays, using aviation for your mobility is not practical. You need to go to a designated airport to catch your flight, then fly to an airport that is a connecting hub for the airline then take a taxi or maybe a bus from there. You invariably will need at least 3 vehicles to get to your destination.

For flying, you will always need to use an airport, the PAL-V is not going to change that (unless you can access your own private airstrip). The difference is now that you can FlyDrive with your aircraft to your destination, free of the ties of airports and leaving vehicles behind. You are not stuck with one airport or destination, on the day itself, you can decide which airport you want to take-off from and where you want to go. Once you have landed, you just simply drive with your aircraft wherever you want to go, instead of having to arrange for a cab or rental car, which many small airports don’t have. In Europe, there are over 10,000 airstrips that you can discover using your Liberty, and in many countries, it’s also possible to take-off and land on private property.

Westeurope Airfields B

With over 50.000 airstrips worldwide, there is always a perfect spot to land

The Liberty needs only 180 meters of take-off roll to get airborne. After your lift-off, the vehicle directly starts climbing to your cruising altitude, which can be as high as 11.000 feet! Landing the Liberty only requires up to 100 feet/30 meters, the size of a tennis court. The Liberty can be used on all kinds of runways, from grass strips to large tarmac runways.

The beauty of flying with a flying car is that you can always alter your route, simply because you don’t need any facilities to be at the airport, you have your car with you everywhere you go. If you fly in uncontrolled airspace, no flight plan is needed. When flying the PAL-V you will not have to wait in line to check-in at the airport or wait for security, you simply go wherever you want to go. This is, ultimate freedom.

Initially, the Liberty will be piloted, like all other aircraft. You need a Private Pilot License, which you can obtain at one of our FlyDrive Academies. Once it becomes busy in the sky there are already systems that help to guide you through the traffic, they are called highways in the sky. Additionally, in the future, the PAL-V app will guide you through virtual tunnels in the sky to your destination. The PAL-V app will have all information necessary to support you to wherever you are going, simply fuel up your PAL-V and start your journey.

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