For more than 100 years people have been dreaming about flying, but not many of us actually take to the skies. Why is this? Why do we dream of flying when we were kids but as soon as we became older and started working, we stopped dreaming? Why are we still not flying to work, but accept being stuck in congestion and waiting for another red light? We are using an aircraft to go on holidays and for long-distance commutes, but never daily to go from our house to the office. The thing is, using an aircraft for your daily commutes is still a big hassle. Although we embrace the dream of flying, aircraft are not suitable for everyday use. Using an aircraft to go from A to B involves many different vehicles to actually go from door to door. A flying car changes that, with a flying car you drive and fly anywhere you want to go with one vehicle. No need to arrange for a taxi, uber, or any other vehicle to reach your final destination. Just simply enjoying the freedom of flying.

This dream of unlimited freedom sparked the idea of creating the ultimate machine, the flying car, and was the basis of the start of PAL-V. Making the flying car from myth into reality. If we have been dreaming of something for more than 100 years why don’t we have it yet? The technology is now available, therefore, PAL-V was founded to be the first in the world to successfully open the Personal Air Mobility industry. An industry that will allow you to fly from your work to your house every day. An industry that will allow you to fly from Paris to your meeting in Frankfurt and your evening dinner in Berlin within a day. An industry that will allow you to FlyDrive around the world. Who wants to sit in the back of an airplane “making a world tour”, what’s the fun in that?

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If we have been dreaming of something for more than 100 years why don’t we have it yet?

The industry has yet to start and according to different research institutions, the Personal Air Mobility industry will become a trillion-dollar market. PAL-V is currently seen as the leader and most promising flying car company in the world by various journals and press outlets. PAL-V has grown to a mid-sized company, holding multiple office buildings, production hall, test hall, showrooms, its own FlyDrive Academy and an international sales team operating in all parts of the world, from the United States to the Middle East and Asia. The once small company has become global.

At PAL-V we are making Personal Air Mobility reality using the latest technologies and combining flying and driving in one vehicle that meets the highest safety standards of the Authorities worldwide. Not only for individuals but also for professional users like the coast guard, police, ambulance, even flying doctors. Imagine a world in which you decide where you take your car for a drive in the skies. Driving and flying to places you want to go faster and with a lot more fun. We do that with the Liberty, the world’s first commercial flying car. The start of the Personal Air Mobility era is closer than you think, people are already making a reservation for their Liberty and have started training at our FlyDrive Academy. Get yourself prepared for the next step in mobility and become a CarFlyer!