Who hasn’t dreamed of being free like a bird? Going places where no one has been, going wherever whenever, that’s Liberty. PAL-V has created the Liberty to fulfill this dream and mark the start of the flying car era. At PAL-V we make personal aviation products to be used every day. In the last 100 years, breakthroughs have happened in the flying mobility world, but nothing has fundamentally changed it. Although everything became more efficient, the aircraft and the car we know nowadays still basically use the same concept that was invented by the Wright Brothers.

The flying mobility change starts with the Liberty. An aircraft to be driven on the roads or a car to be taken to the sky. The Liberty can be used for private or professional applications. Whether it’s FlyDriving from Frankfurt for lunch in Paris, for business to London, or using it for coast guarding, policing, or observations, it’s all possible with one vehicle. The Liberty combines the agility of a helicopter with the simplicity of piloting a small aircraft in one vehicle, and on top of that, the addition of the driving capability changes the paradigm. An aircraft to be driven on any highway or backroad and a car to be flown to every place in the world, no roads needed.

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You go wherever you want to go, an experience only a flying car can deliver you, absolute Liberty.

PAL-V is seen as the leader in the next generation flying mobility. PAL-V is the only company in the world to successfully combine a gyroplane and a tree-wheeled car into one vehicle, and has proved doing so by FlyDriving the PAL-V One already in 2012. A gyroplane looks like a helicopter for most people but in fact is something completely different. Unlike a helicopter, a gyroplane uses a non-powered rotor system and a pusher propeller to fly, which makes it a dynamically stable aircraft and therefore much easier, much safer, and much faster to learn to fly than helicopters.

As a car the Liberty, with its compact size and foldable rotor system, can be parked in your garage. Take your Liberty in the morning, grab a coffee at the petrol station, drive to the nearest grass airstrip, convert it within 2-3 minutes, and off you go, the perfect getaway vehicle. With a range of 500km (310 miles) and a maximum airspeed of 180 km/h (112 mph), you will be FlyDriving from the Cote D’Azur to Geneva in 3 hours, which would normally take six hours by car. If that’s not enough of an adventure, take your luggage and go island hopping in the Caribbean and have the birds’ eye view of the sandy beaches and palm trees. Simply land at one of the local airstrips and enjoy the sportive driving of the Liberty on the twisty coastal roads, all with one vehicle. You go wherever you want to go, an experience only a flying car can deliver you, absolute Liberty.

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