PAL V Liberty flying car Giordy Wammes 001

PAL-V appoints new Sales Director BeNeLux

PAL-V appoints former CEO Bentley Sweden, Giordy Wammes, as Sales Director BeNeLux

Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands, June 2022.

Giordy Wammes will be strengthening the global sales team of PAL-V as Sales Director of the BeNeLux. For the last 22 years, Giordy has been active in the luxury automotive industry, holding various executive functions. As PAL-V’s order book is filling up the first production years, the team is preparing for the deliveries of the first PAL-V Libertys in Europe.

While managing the dealer network of Bentley in Sweden, as CEO, Giordy brings in vast experience from the automotive industry, from sales and marketing to product management. “Managing a car brand such as Bentley has taught me many things. Now being able to transfer that knowledge and implement it in building up the new brand, PAL-V, really excites me.” Says Giordy Wammes, Sales Director BeNeLux of PAL-V, as he continues: “The first time I came into touch with PAL-V, I immediately saw the potential. By adding a third dimension to mobility the PAL-V Liberty offers door-to-door air mobility and on top of that, it offers an experience that no other vehicle can deliver. This unique value proposition will move us from road to air, opening a new world of adventures for our customers.”

PAL V Liberty flying car Giordy Wammes 001

The first time I came into touch with PAL-V, I immediately saw the potential.

The PAL-V Liberty combines both road and air use in one vehicle and offers users a 500-kilometer journey within 3 hours of travel. By converting from flight to drive mode within minutes, the PAL-V Liberty provides customers with the opportunity to go everywhere with their flying car. From taking your car for a flight over the Alps to flying to Paris for lunch, the Liberty offers a new form of mobility.

“What intrigues me is that PAL-V has already created the foundation to expand the dealer networks all over the world. PAL-V doesn’t just have the ambition to deliver the world’s first flying car but the company is taking serious steps to become the global player in the new advanced air mobility industry.” As Giordy continues: “It’s quite astonishing to see the customer base they already have created. I’m looking forward to making PAL-V a brand as well-known as Bentley and together create an unforgettable historical journey of being the first to deliver a flying car in the world.”

While obtaining the European Road admission, the PAL-V Liberty is in its final stage of aviation certification, called compliance demonstration. As Sales Director BeNeLux, Giordy will continue to set up and expand PAL-V’s footprint and be part of the drive to deliver new air mobility globally.

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