The Flying Car: A vehicle that offers unique benefits

The PAL-V Liberty is without doubt the most exceptional vehicle on the market. It offers the best of both worlds, flying and driving. Switch between drive and fly mode for the best option to reach your destination. Enjoy the journey.

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The Perfect blend between safety and fun

The scenery and landscape as viewed from the PAL-V Liberty is breathtaking. This is what awaits you when you fly one of the safest flying vehicles on the planet. We offer our customers unparalleled peace of mind by safely putting the fun back into flying. Flying the PAL-V Liberty will stimulate your senses like no other vehicle.

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Designed for those who value time

Successful people hate to waste time. So we deliberately designed the PAL-V Liberty to free you from the ties of traffic. Now you are in control of your individual travel schedule. Plan your appointments when it suits you. No more airport parking hassles and no taxi, train, bus or rental car required after landing. A traffic jam? Just fly over it.

Ability to use both the sky and the road, that is the essence of PAL-V
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Park Literally anywhere

Nothing could be better than having a flying car you can park like any regular car. So we created the most compact flying car possible. Go to a meeting in the city and park anywhere including an indoor parking garage. No limits to where you want to go.


Addictive flying comfort

80% less affected by turbulence and self-stabilizing in gusts: You’ll be eager to fly more than ever before. Even those who don’t normally like flying will be happy to jump onboard. When other planes are grounded, you are still in the air.

PAL-V is the easiest way to start your pilot career
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Engineered to Beat the weather

Stranded at the airstrip due to bad weather? Not with the PAL-V Liberty. Outsmart the weather and drive to where visibility is fine and take off again. The PAL-V Liberty is the only aviation vehicle that seamlessly allows you to continue your journey. You'll be on time for your meeting or safely home without delay.

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Experience sportscar driving fun

With the PAL-V Liberty the fun starts when you experience the unique sportscar feeling on twisting roads. It is more than an airplane you take home. Every journey with the PAL-V Liberty is a feast for your soul.

An experience only we can deliver!

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