PAL-V inaugurates the age of the flying car by being the first to bring a certified production model to the market. PAL-V was founded in 2008 and started developing the first prototype. After countless tests, the PAL-V ONE showed in 2012 that the concept really works. This three-wheeled hybrid gyroplane can be converted into a car an can carry up to 2 people.

Now PAL-V is unveiling the Liberty, their new commercial model, to the world. The Liberty comes in Sports and Pioneers editions and the first two test models (TV1 and TV2) have already been produced. The vehicle is in its final development stage and is starting the certification process to road and fly requirements. PAL-V is taking pre-orders and will start delivering once fully certified in 2024. Production is expected to begin with a small production batch to which production will increase rapidly thereafter.

To produce the first vehicles, a lean production Model has been designed (i.e. the first year of production). However, this model does not take into account the multiple growth scenarios after the first year of production. That is why PAL-V wishes to create a production model which can account for multiple growth scenarios.


  • Validate the Production Model created 4 years ago on lean principles and latest insights;
  • Create/update the Production Model to make it:
    • Scalable/adjustable within provided parameters; Due to the fact that PAL-V is a start-up, the growth scenarios can still change over time;
    • Robust to meet the future demand;
    • The Production Model must take into account to deal quickly with material shortages and/or deviating products (i.e., quality issues)
    • Determination of performance parameters of the production Model with focus on working capital/lead time; quality; efficiency
  • Note: Since the PAL-V is a flying car, production must comply to both aerospace and automotive regulations;

Our perfect candidate

  • You study HBO Technisch Bedrijfskunde (TBK) or similar technical studies.
  • You are in the fourth year of your studies and are looking for a graduation assignment.
  • You have affinity with the aviation industry and/or innovation
  • You feel at home in an international, growing and entrepreneurial organisation.

Our offer for you

What sets the standard:

  • An excellent internship allowance.
  • Commute and homework allowance.
  • Good internship supervision by an experienced colleague.
  • We are easily accessible by car and there is bus stop about 10 minutes’ walk away.

To keep you healthy:

  • Flexible hours.
  • Fresh fruit in the office.
  • Vitality platform through which you can get in touch with other colleagues who practice the same hobbies or just to discover new hobbies together.

Because it’s fun:

  • We have new interns in almost every department every period, so you can connect with other students.
  • Team activities, we have a party committee!
  • You may have the opportunity to continue working after your internship.

Apply now!


The application process

1. Send an email and a motivational letter specific for our organisation to Please also let us know when your internship period starts, when it ends and how many hours you are available per week.

Note: If you are an international student we would like to ask you to use Pathfinder. In it you will find all practical information for international students who want to study, do an internship or stay in the Netherlands after their studies.

2. You receive a direct confirmation of your application.

Note: this could be in your SPAM folder.

3. Within 10 workdays, you will receive a personal reaction on your application. This can be an invitation to the next rounds or rejection based on your experience or company requirements.

4. PAL-V has a max of 2 meeting rounds in the procedure, during you would speak to the Operations Manager and Manufacturing Planning Manager.