How much fun is it to work on a high-tech development that contributes to the world of tomorrow? We are looking for an ambitious intern to help our Electrical Systems team. We find it important that you develop yourself optimally, therefore you will work together with experienced colleagues to make this project a success.

About the assignment

The PAL-V which is being developed consists of many modules running software on an embedded ARM processor. This software is designed in the C programming language. These modules are responsible for monitoring sensors, controlling actuators and driving displays. They feature an RS232 debug port supporting a command line interface. The modules are interconnected via a CAN bus. The CAN bus parameters can be read out using a monitoring application.

Your main tasks are:

  • Setup a standalone module test environment using the CAN bus, RS232 debug port and compactDAQ data acquisition system from National Instruments as interfaces to the module
  • Select and setup the tools and applications needed to create an automated test environment
  • Implement tests showing that the CAN bus, RS232 debug port and the compactDAQ data acquisition system can be used to perform automated software requirement verification.

Depending on the length of the internship these tasks can be extended.

Our perfect candidate

  • You study HBO/WO in software engineering, software development or similar.
  • You are looking for an internship in 2023
  • You have good communication skills in Dutch and/or English.

Our offer for you

What sets the standard:

  • An excellent internship allowance.
  • Commute and homework allowance.
  • Good internship supervision by an experienced colleague.
  • We are easily accessible by car and there is bus stop about 10 minutes’ walking distance.

To keep you healthy:

  • Flexible hours.
  • Fresh fruit in the office.
  • Vitality platform through which you can get in touch with other colleagues who practice the same hobbies or just to discover new hobbies together.

Because it’s fun:

  • We have new interns in almost every department every period, so you can connect with other students.
  • Team activities, we have a party committee!
  • You may have the opportunity to continue working after your internship.

Apply now!


The application process

1. Send an email and a motivational letter specific for our organisation to Please also let us know when your internship period starts, when it ends and how many hours you are available per week.

Note: If you are an international student we would like to ask you to use Pathfinder. In it you will find all practical information for international students who want to study, do an internship or stay in the Netherlands after their studies.

2. You receive a direct confirmation of your application.

Note: this could be in your SPAM folder.

3. Within 10 workdays, you will receive a personal reaction on your application. This can be an invitation to the next rounds or rejection based on your experience or company requirements.

4. PAL-V has a max of 2 meeting rounds in the procedure, during you would speak to the System Architect & Lead Design Engineer.