PAL-V has opened the first of three planned locations at Motorworld Stuttgart, which will soon be followed by brand-new locations in Zurich and Munich.

PAL-V is opening their so-called shop-in-shops at Motorworld. The shop-in-shops will give a dedicated location where people can have their first
experience with a PAL-V. PAL-V will be traveling regularly to Motorworld mobilty centers with the PAL-V Liberty flying car, organizing exclusive events for potential customers every time the PAL-V is at a Motorworld location. “We chose Motorworld as one of our locations because of the complete automotive experience Motorworld provides.” says Richard Crombach, PAL-V Country Manager in Germany. He continues: “Motorworld is the place to be in Germany for every automotive enthusiast. We will be traveling with a PAL-V Liberty from location to location. People that want to see the PAL-V Liberty for themselves can have a look at our website and find out when the PAL-V Liberty is present at their Motorworld location. On a regular basis we also offer people the opportunity to visit one of the presentations at one of the (other) Motorworld locations.”

Motorworld Dach 3289

“Motorworld is our German location because of the unique automotive experience .”

- Richard Crombach,

Country manager Germany

Combining automotive with aviation, the Motorworld in Stuttgart is an iconic first location for the PAL-V Liberty flying car to be introduced in Germany. This location is based at the historical Wüttemberg state airport, where German aviation history was written, including the Graf Zeppelin and the famous aircraft manufacturer Klemm. This historic location will now welcome the next chapter in the future of aviation, the PAL-V Liberty.

The Dutch company PAL-V is currently finalizing the PAL-V Liberty, the world’s first commercial flying car. With a maximum airspeed of around 180 km/h and a maximum range of 500km, The PAL-V Liberty can take you on a journey from Stuttgart to Geneva within 3 hours. This normally takes you 5.5 hours of driving. Within 5 minutes the PAL-V converts easily from a car into a gyroplane. The PAL-V Liberty fully complies with the existing rules and regulations for both road and air licensing. The PAL-V will use existing infrastructure to take off and land. With the more than thousand small airstrips in Germany and surrounding countries, there is always one nearby. The PAL-V is a combination of a sportscar and a gyroplane; the easiest and safest way of flying. The PAL-V offers real door-to-door flying mobility by combining both flying and driving in one vehicle. This allows the PAL-V users to FlyDrive to their destination using existing infrastructure regardless of weather conditions. Those who want to become a carflyer can reserve one now.