Attendees at CES Can Take a Virtual Flight in The World’s First Commercial Flying Car, The PAL-V Liberty

January 2019

Not only is the flying car here to stay, Dutch innovators, PAL-V will be the first to deliver a fully certified and compliant flying car to the global market place. The PAL-V Liberty is a true personal air and land vehicle. The Liberty is a safe and reliable combination of mobility on the road and in the air in one convenient vehicle that can be used for many applications and purposes. With the successful drive and flight test program in 2012 the company has proven that the PAL-V LIBERTY is “possible and allowed within existing regulations”

PAL-V attending CES

The Company is currently selling to private individuals, collectors, businesses, institutional customers and governments in both highly developed and emerging countries. Service and training capacities facilitate the adoption of this radical new product. Currently known applications include professional and private travel, special logistics and air-taxi services, emergency and surveillance flights. The company will continuously improve the PAL-Vs performance and specifications in order to meet new demands in the market, as they arise.

“The challenge has always been to develop a commercially viable flying car not simply a futuristic concept” said Robert Dingemanse, the CEO for PAL-V, adding “The journey is much more challenging than simply designing a flying car since the regulatory framework demands safety of each and every manufacturer.”